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Add a little YUM to your day!

Our dairy products are made in our Maine state licensed creamery, which is located at our

family homestead in Appleton, Maine.

All of our products are made from the unpasteurized milk of our herd of water buffalo.

We do each one in small, hand mixed batches.

These are true farmstead dairy products.

*Our milk & dairy products are unpasteurized, therefore, we are UNABLE to ship them out of the state of Maine at this time.

Mozzarella di Bufala

Each delicious ball is hand stretched in small batches. These come either brined or wrapped. Be sure to let this come to room temp. before serving to enjoy the creaminess of the buffalo milk.

Individually priced.

Marinated (or not) Bocconcini

Yummy,little buffalo mozzarella pieces in an extra virgin olive oil marinade (or in a brine). A perfect appetizer, an entrée topper or a snack by itself. To enjoy the creaminess of these mozzarella pieces, bring to room temp. before serving.


Creamtop Yogurt (ohhh, so good!)

plain 8oz $5.75

plain 16oz $11.00

blueberry, or  raspberry  8oz $6.00 / 16oz $12.00

Fromage blanc)

(a creamy, spreadable cheese)

Every batch is hand mixed & flavored. Some of our flavors are: Plain, Italian Herb, Lemon Dill, Jalapeno Pepper, Creamy Olive & Chive.

4.5 oz. container $7.00

Ricotta Salata Crumbles

(a saltier cheese that's super yummy on salad)

Ours is a bit different than traditional aged ricotta salata. It is firm but not as hard, to allow you to taste the creaminess of the water buffalo milk. We make this in small batches-pressing, salting & flavoring each batch by hand. Some of our flavors are:

Plain, Italian Herb, Tomato Basil & Rosemary.

3.5 oz. container $6.00

Aislinn Cheese

(A Dreamy, White Cheese in Olive Oil with a bit of Mild Spices)

This is DELICIOUSLY creamy!!!

When creating this cheese, we didn't think folks would take to our original response-"knock your socks off it's so creamy" cheese so we went with "Aislinn" Cheese instead.

Aislinn Cheese is a soft, spreadable cheese for crackers or bread. Available in Original, or Cranberry topped.

4 oz. container $7.50


Our version of feta. A little bit of a salty bite like traditional feta but the creaminess of the buffalo milk comes through to set it apart. This works well in salads, omelettes, on top of pizza or wherever your imagination will take it. Maybe straight out of the container into your mouth...

4.5 oz. container $8.00

Water Buffalo Milk( when available)

Very rich & creamy. A great addition to your morning coffee, drinking, baking, or making your own buffalo yogurt. Did you know that water buffalo milk is higher in calcium, higher in protein & lower in cholesterol then traditional milks? Plus, folks that tend to be sensitive to dairy, can usually tolerate water buffalo dairy with no issues. If that's not enough, tastes fantastic! 

Regular Creamline $8.00/Quart + $1. jar deposit

$4.00/pint + $.75 jar deposit

Chocolate Creamline $4.75/Pint + $.75 jar deposit 

Water Buffalo Sicilian Style Gelato

Whole buffalo milk is used instead of cream so the flavor of this frozen treat comes through intensely. Plus, because the buffalo milk is SOOOO creamy that comes through to create an absolutely deliciously creamy GELATO! Available flavors change weekly!









12oz $7.00 / 4oz $3.00  

Some of our other dairy items include

burrata, kefir, cultured butter & whey/whole milk ricotta.

We Do Not Ship our Water Buffalo dairy products out of Maine.  

Thanks to our Dairy Endeavor supporters, in 2013, ME Water Buffalo Co. became the first water buffalo dairy in the state of Maine. Many thanks to...

Janet Winslow

Thomas Hughes

Liisa & Steven Wallace

Rick Rector

Matt & Amanda Blazek

Holly Faubel

Ellen Lehto

John R. Winslow

Elaine Frost

Waldo County Education Association-Retirees

William & Becky Vachon

Diana Poulin

Cayla Caprara

Thank you for being a part of our story & supporting our Dairy Endeavor. We couldn't have done it without you & look forward to enjoying this adventure with you.