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(By pre-order only.)

Pork Whole, Halves & Quarters...

Whole:$3.00/lb. hanging weight + the cost of processing.

Whole:$3.25/lb. hanging weight + 1/2 the cost of processing.

Quarter:$3.50/lb. hanging weight + 1/4 the cost of processing.

*We will transport your pig to the processors & pick up your order for you when it is ready. You'll have the opportunity to choose which cuts you would like as well as sausage flavors, bacon, roasts, etc. 

$100 deposit due for quarters, $200 deposit due for halves & $300 deposit due for whole pigs. The remainder will be due upon receipt of your order. For more detailed info, please contact us at [email protected]

Individual pork cuts, sausage & bacon will be available in the summer of 2019. Prices will be printed when these items are available.

We continue to have a great response from our customers on the quality & taste of our pork so we continue to raise them! Quantities are limited since our main focus is on the buffalo but it's a great way to use up our extra whey!

If interested in a whole, half or quarter please contact us asap to ensure availability.